For lovers of truth, forward thinkers, self-aware spirits, and fighters for justice to come to the rescue of our endangered humanity.   

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If you’re itching to live in a different sort of system, this is a hotspot for creative thinking. All hands on deck to get the warp out of our world. And we can do it! I’m with Thomas Paine: “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Suzanne Taylor’s Now What? is looking for system change. Expect to be enticed into thinking about we-the-people kicking cosmic ass to get to where mutuality prevails.

After an acting career and a post-impressionist painting hobby, I turned to the new consciousness that was in the air. If you lived in L.A. way back when, and were into
self-awareness, you’d have been touched by ELF Enterprises Unlimiting. The motto was, “Put the elf back in self,” and ELF stood for Enlightenment, Love, and Fun. After four years of doing very imaginative ELF things, CHALLENGE FOR CHAMPIONS delivered two years of daylong “happenings” for the consciousness crowd. I was “discovered” doing them, and set up to do a show, The Cosmic Fuel Pump, on local TV to work out what I’d say on the speaker circuit. But, then I got drawn to the crop circles, for how they could be what would change mass consciousness, and I made documentaries about them. What on Earth? is the one I produced, directed, and narrated. After a long stretch of movie showings, radio shows, and talks about how discovering other life would revolutionize how we think about ourselves, I produced talks for TED before I started talking for myself on SUESpeaks.org, where SUE stands for Searching for Unity in Everything. And, I’ve moved to Substack from Constant Contact so people can talk back!

Join me in looking for what we-the-people can do, here and now, that can get this world turned in a better direction. Do some dreaming with me, or just cheer me on.

suzanne@mightycompanions.org https://SUESpeaks.org

For what led up to now: Suzanne’s Story, a biographical reflection in 2014

If you’re not on the mailing list, subscriptions are free.

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Original thinking about what we-the-people can do to help shift consciousness to where we know we are one humanity


SUE stands for Searching for Unity in Everything. I look to shift mass consciousness so we-the-people create a world where we care about each other as much as we care about ourselves.